Kévin Boulanger


Personal, friends and blogs

  • www.englishcivilization.com is a website about English civilization maintained by my sister (in French). It contains abundant information about England, Ireland, United States, Australia, Scotland and Wales. It contains dictionaries in several languages in several domains. It also contains many pictures taken in our travels in several of these countries,
  • Guillaume François: PhD student, now shader writer for a movie company. He wrote the papers Subsurface Texture Mapping and Image-Based Modeling and Rendering of the Human Eye,
  • Sébastien Hillaire: real-time 3D programmer, currently PhD student. He presents several of his demos and projects,
  • Ahmet Oğuz Akyüz: PhD student on color and HDR imaging until 2007.


  • www.irisa.fr is the website of my French lab. I was working for my thesis in the Bunraku team, specialized in computer graphics and humanoid simulation. Kadi Bouatouch was my supervisor at IRISA,
  • www.ucf.edu is the main page of the University of Central Florida where I spent almost three years for the Master and the first part of my PhD. I worked in the School of CECS of UCF, in the Graphics Group. Sumanta Pattanaik was my supervisor at UCF.

Programming, tutorials, documentation and libraries

  • opengl.org: reference place for OpenGL programmers, specifications, documentation, tutorials and libraries,
  • gamedev.net: news on game development, game programming tutorials, forums,
  • GLEW: library to easily manage OpenGL extensions,
  • OpenIL: image loading and saving library, managing many file formats, and using an OpenGL-like syntax,
  • FMOD: sound library, which manages 3D sound, music, DSP effects, and much more.


3D data, meshes, textures

  • DAZ3D: numerous high-quality 3D models, particularly people and some architectural models, working with DAZ Studio, Carrara and Poser,
  • Renderosity: numerous 3D models, particularly people, working with Poser and many of them with DAZ Studio,
  • Cornucopia3D: numerous 3D models, particulaly architectural and for landscapes, for use with the Vue software.

Free 3D engines