Kévin Boulanger




PhD on realistic rendering of complex natural environments in real-time with global illumination. Extensive knowledge of the GPU pipeline with expertise in real-time GPU programming using OpenGL/GLSL. Self-motivated developer, comfortable with individual and team work. Spent three years in the United States during the PhD and presented papers at international conferences. Proficient problem solver able to communicate ideas and results effectively.




Doctorate of Philosophy in Computer Science         August 2005 - July 2008

  • Joint supervision between University of Central Florida and INRIA/University of Rennes I in France
  • Thesis topic: real-time realistic rendering of natural environments, with focus on grass and trees
  • Research interests include real-time rendering with extensive use of the GPU, levels of detail for complex natural scenes, probabilistic approaches for global illumination of foliage

Master of Science in Computer Science         September 2004 - July 2005

  • INRIA/University of Rennes I, France
  • Internship of 6 months at the University of Central Florida
  • Research topic: real-time realistic rendering of large surfaces of grass

Engineering degree in Computer Science         September 2002 - July 2005

  • IFSIC, University of Rennes I, France
  • Specialization in Digital Image
  • Course highlights: image synthesis, image processing (filters and Markov fields), computer vision, signal processing, numerical optimization, software engineering, computer architecture, electronics
  • Last year of the degree in parallel with the Master of Science




  • Kévin Boulanger, Kadi Bouatouch, Sumanta Pattanaik, Rendering Trees with Indirect Lighting in Real-Time, Computer Graphics Forum (proceedings of Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2008), vol. 27(4), 1189-1198
  • Kévin Boulanger, Sumanta Pattanaik, Kadi Bouatouch, Rendering Grass in Real Time with Dynamic Lighting, IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, vol. 29(1), 32-41, January/February 2009
  • Kévin Boulanger, Sumanta Pattanaik, Kadi Bouatouch, Rendering Grass Terrains in Real-Time with Dynamic Lighting, Siggraph 2006 sketch
  • Kévin Boulanger, Kadi Bouatouch, Sumanta Pattanaik, ATIP: A Tool for 3D Navigation inside a Single Image with Automatic Camera Calibration, EG UK Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2006




Graduate Research Assistant         August 2005 - July 2008

  • University of Central Florida, Department of Computer Science, Orlando, FL
  • INRIA (French Institute of research in computer science), Rennes, France
  • Doctoral research in computer graphics advised by Dr. Sumanta Pattanaik (United States) and Kadi Bouatouch (France) involving real-time rendering of nature scenes with realistic lighting
  • Published and lectured in international conferences about research work
  • Work supported in part by Electronic Arts Tiburon, Florida High-Tech research and INRIA.

Graphics researcher         July 2004 - August 2004

  • Internship at INRIA, University of Rennes I, France
  • ATIP: Automatic Tour Into the Picture
  • Automatic and fast camera calibration for 3D navigation inside a single image
  • Implementation of the renderer on a hand held device

Network administrator         June 2003 - January 2005

  • Student association in Rennes, France
  • Management of an OpenBSD server with a postgreSQL database for shared Internet access
  • Management and assistance of 250 users
  • Important team work, communication and responsibilities




Neptune 3D engine         March 2003 - Present

  • Development of a real-time 3D engine, platform used for many personal projects
  • PhD work based on this framework
  • Based on a scene graph with support for stereo rendering on multiple screens, various screen types, advanced shaders, support for variety of input devices such as 3D mouse and data glove
  • Designed for easy extensibility, uses Subversion for code versioning
  • Close attention is paid to code optimization

Automated LEGO® city         2001 - 2003

  • LEGO® city with trains driven by multiple industrial programmable controllers
  • Network communication with a computer for programmable train cycles
  • Design and creation of printed circuit boards for interfaces with the computer




Programming: C/C++, OpenGL, GLSL, Java, x86 Assembler and SSE, Matlab, HTML, Bash script

Operating Systems: MS Windows 9x/XP/Vista, OpenBSD, Linux

Software: MS Visual Studio, TortoiseSVN (Subversion), 3dsmax, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, LaTeX, MS Office, Open Office

Languages: French, English (fluent, 3 years in the United States, TOEIC score: 860)

If you need more information, you can contact me at info@kevinboulanger.net